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Cain Knightlord

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CHARACTER NAME: Cain Knightlord
FANDOM: Trinity Blood
CANON: Mars era. Right before the accident that kills him
WHAT THEY LOST: Sadly, he will gain an allergy to fish... his obsessive favourite food (like Abel with sugar).

ABOUT THE CHARACTER: Created as one of four advanced clones for the UNASF, Cain was designed to be the pinnacle of what science could achieve. 'Born' in 2088 along with his twin, Abel - who was actually created to be used as spare parts should Cain ever need them - he embarked on a hard life.
The scientists pushed their precious clones to work hard, they had to become great leaders and stronger than all the others if they were to survive the harsh conditions of colonising Mars. They were treated as an inferior species, not quite human, and as such they were often just utilised as tools of the country's government they 'belonged' to. Cain was created Germany (what would become known as Germanicus in the future); Abel in England (which would become Albion); Lilith in India and Seth in Canada.

He could easily have become embittered during their childhood, much as Abel did, but he grew into a gentle boy who always had a smile for everyone. Well-loved by the colonists and his family alike, he was trusted as the leader of the colony, despite the fact that Abel rose to a the higher rank of Commander aboard the Ark, as opposed to Cain as a Major.
At some point during their time on the colony, there was an attempt on Abel's life, which left him stranded on the surface of Mars; Lilith saved him and together they discovered an alien technology which helped create the Ark - now in-operational and referred to as the "vampire moon" in canon.

Two strains of nanoscopic machines were also discovered that day - a strain called Bacillus and one called Crusnik. They didn't truly understand Crusnik, and it proved resistant to tests and difficult to work with, but the bacillus easily took to the colonists injected with it, giving them a heightened strength, longer life and a host of other skills - these later became known as the Methuselah, or vampires.

It seemed all would have gone on as normal for the rest of their (prolonged) lives, but Cain was killed in an accident... things went downhill rapidly from there.

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